Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Would We Be Without The Songs That We Love?

Snowy Egret. Martinez, CA. Just thought you'd like a Snowy Egret.

Hey kids. Seagull isn't here today. It's me....Felonious Jive. Goddamn, it's nice to have that son of a bitch out of here for a change. Dude gets on my nerves. Anyways...BB&B is proud to announce it's very own Seagull Steve has a blog up at the American Birding Association's page. You can look at it here. It's a true story, filled with fear and loathing and all that good stuff Seagull is going on and on and on...and on about.

If youre a nonbirder (yes, Seagull knows those people, somehow), I should explain to you what the ABA is. Seagull writing on the ABA blog is like some dumbass baseball fan getting to write on ESPN's blog about how the Angels are going to take it all this year (they obviously will not). It's like your redneck uncle who claims Obama was born in Kenya and immigration should be illegal is suddenly given his own show on CNN. Its like your friend's crazy hippie mom who prescribes weird herbs for every possible malady suddenly becomes a neurosurgeon. What I'm saying is that he doesn't belong there, he's out of his league...yet, there he is.

That's about all I've got to say. Oh, I'm also a better birder than he is, and way better looking.


(The Great Ornithologist) Felonious Jive


  1. Yes I would like a Snowy Egret and damn that is an awesome post you have on the ABA site! Good story and all that. Now I'm curious about the half-drowned hawk.

  2. Thanks Jen! The hawk will have its own blog post eventually.