Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midway. I Miss You.

Bristle-thighed Curlews on vacation. They've actually got their Alaska plumage on...time to go home, I guess. What a long flight!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm not going to write anything about this here, since I'm writing about it someplace else! But you, beloved Bourbon, Bastard & Birderer, get all the pictures. They are bringing back some bright and vivid memories (and accompanying bad hangovers as well). All pictures from Midway Atoll, 2009.

Red-tailed Tropicbird.

2/3 of a Laysan Albatross family.

Marine debris, courtesy of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Some kind of fuel container I reckon.

Gray-backed Tern & Brown Noddy. Crowded skies out there. If you stare at the picture for long enough you start thinking that the noddy is in the background...which would make it's size truly disturbing.

Pacific Golden-Plover. They are well known for being the only plover to play soccer with balls of crud.

Masked Booby. As far as I know, Midway hasn't banded them anytime recently, so this one probably came from another island (Tern?) or is quite old.

Black-footed Albatross chicks grow up to be...


Little turtle buddy got stranded on the reef at low tide. It died. Kidding! Everything is fine. 

White Tern on a nest.


  1. I bet you just sat around yanking Red-tailed Tropicbirds out of the sky by their tails. I bet.

  2. You know me too well Jen. Babbler, I feel the same way.