Friday, June 10, 2011

Perfect Death Trigger Happy Patriots

Western Kingbird. Photographed Somewhere In Nevada. It yellowy.

People are still abuzz from Felonious Jive's scandalous interview from earlier this week. I can understand why...he has a strange, magnetic energy about him that somehow reaches out to everyone, feathered and otherwise. Not anyone can be a Great Ornithologist. It was good to get the Human Birdwatcher Project back on track as well...the truth behind birding will be revealed, its just a matter of time. Then, and only then, will everything make sense.

I only made one birding stop between Mono Lake and North Dakota, and that was Camas National Wildlife Refuge, in Idaho. I had never heard of the place but it was on my way north and had no admission charge. Nice. This random spot turned out to be pretty sweet, and I highly recommend checking out if you're ever in the area...although I have no idea you would just happen to be in Eastern Idaho. It had a little bit of everything, and provided a lot of good opportunities with the camera. Their moose did not reveal themselves, but my own Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge has not been forthcoming with its moose either.

Northern Harriers are the scourge of marshes nationwide. Combining the eyesight of a hawk with the hearing of an owl with some intense sexual dimorphism, they are unstoppable.

The flashiest marsh bird of them all, a Yellow-headed blackbird. I'm not sure what its doing exactly. Maybe it isn't either.

Right. North Dakota. It's so....North Dakotan. I don't know what else to say about it. I drove to Minot a couple days ago, which is The Big City for these parts. They have a university and various places of business. I even managed to find some hippie food finally, and made other novel purchases (a case of Schlitz and a bottle of Bullet Rye). The weather was good this week so its been a lot of hours and a lot of miles out on the prairie, circumnavigating various alkali lakes in the great plover hunt, which saps my blogging energies. I'm sorry. I know you need this people...probably more than I could ever know. 

Excuses excuses. Enjoy the Idahoan photos. Sorry that I can't provide any potato coverage, it is a special crop indeed.

A pair of Trumpeter Swans had the place to themselves. Nice view. Camas National Wildlife Refuge.

This Sandhill Cranes has its summer coating of rust. It's from gorging on the blood of the innocent. Excuse the scientific jargon.

Eared Grebes have acquired their summer ears. Can you imagine lacking ears half the year? Yeesh.

This Wookie-textured lump is actually a porcupine. Beware the Idaho-Endor Porcuwookie.

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