Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Partake of Decaf

Black Tern. If White Terns were almost renamed Angel Terns....then this would have to become Reaper Tern, or simply Angel Of Death. If you're going to go giving birds Christian names, you gotta go all the way.

Good day to you, Bourbon, Bastard and Birder. While you are most likely relishing the taste of juicy freedom that is Saturday, I've got a big storm keeping me far its been a day of coffee, bagel, Descendents, Drag The River and the internets. Tomorrow I'm heading out to check on our very last Piping Plover brood of the summer, and then it's going to be essentially killing time before I take off for Yellowstone National Park in a few weeks. I'm pretty stoked.

Here's some assorted North Dakota and Montana photos. Have a great weekend nerds.

Nobody wants to get stuck in the mud, just ask this Semipalmated Sandpiper.

An Eastern Kingbird, complete with skirt.

The backyard. Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, ND.

Mountain Bluebirds invented their own shade of blue.

Red-winged Blackbird. They nice.

 My, what eyes you have dragonfly. The dragonfly densities in North Dakota dwarf anyplace I've ever been, although I think we passed the peak of the season. They are still flying around attached to eachother though, making sweet sweet dragonfly love. Can you imagine going for a walk while having sex? I can't either.

Blue-winged Teal seem to be the commonest waterfowl around these parts...none of them look like this anymore though. All of the ducks are now in their hideous eclipse plumage now, they make me sick.

North Dakota Home Entertainment System.


  1. You're not the only insect pervert out there. I spent last week as a Peeping Tom (Tomasina?), stalking dragonflies around a lake in Michigan's upper peninsula as they performed their acrobatic sex acts. Almost had to take up smoking....

    And the ND Home Entertainment System - LOL.

  2. Noise putty? Wow.

    Yellowstone!!!!!! I have only been once last summer with my brother and nephew and it blew my mind. Moose and grizzlies around every corner. I am jealous. Per usual.

  3. I too am headed to Yellowstone in a few weeks! Woot woot! Excitement is hiiiigh.

  4. @Natureis...the entertainment system is tried and true!

    @Jen - Where should I go in Yellowstone? A coworker gave me some pointers but he was a mammals nerd.

    @Flicker - Im not stoked on the crowds, but I dont really care that much. Its my first time, should be rad!