Saturday, September 10, 2011

Get Out Of Bed, Please Go Away, Get Out Get Out Get Out.

It's Saturday. Do as the Social Flycatcher and join members of your fellow species. Try to strengthen your weak ties to the few people that give you any hope in humanity. This should consist of more than bragging about what birds you have seen recently on facebook. As you are a birder, I will assume that is all you are capable of...but there is hope. Birders are capable of having full and interesting lives, if you only try...I have seen it myself, and it is with great humility, modesty and humbleness that I can claim to have been told that I am in the same boat. Having a fulfilling relationship with a fellow human can amount to more than a mountain of death. Now, go forth and mingle. Saturday night is an excellent time for consuming bourbon, after all.  


  1. Don't worry, just killing time till my lazy ass friends get up so we can go sit in the river and drink beers. No bourbon, sorry!

  2. Prolly not much whiskey tonight for me either...I am in possession of a keg, however.

  3. I'm not a birder Steve, but I like 'em and I like you're page. Me, I'm a tequila girl. Gonna play chase the worm.