Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Not Hell On Earth, It's More Like A Dream

This will be the last Yellowstone post for a while I think. Here is an elk making a face at the nearby horde of tourists.

I discovered yet another new species of chipmunk. This type completely lacks forelimbs and locomotes the forest like a small Tyrannosaur.

A Red Crossbill ravages some fir cones.

Is nice, no?

A studly Mule Deer. He's probably shed his velvet by now and spends his time getting in fights and being incredibly horny.

American Dipper revisited, in less atrocious lighting.

Looking towards the Yellowstone River from the Mud Volcano area. Steamy.
Norris Geyser Basin. Some of these pools will not only melt your face, but your entire body...literally.

White-crowned Sparrow juvie.

Bison are capable of many things...this one is caught in the rarest of buffalo acts, being cute.

Buffalo watchers going apeshit.

Deer penis. It's something to think about.

Sunset through a geyser filter...and that was my last day in Yellowstone. Up next...Grand Teton National Park.


  1. Deer penis, nice. My friend just came back from the redwoods with a bunch of photos of elk sex. They are well-endowed. I'll give them that.

  2. where to begin, Sir Tuckalot? Where to begin? What's up with the ungulates and their tongues? I didn't say I was done with the Yellerstone pics. wtf?

  3. The T-Rex chipmunk. A fabulous find. As you discovered the thing, you get to name it. I've always thought that the arms on the T-Rex was something that the paleontologists came up with just to mess with our heads. How would they mate? It's a conundrum.

  4. Ah.... the "bigthumb" shot is MOST delightful.

    I took SO MANY shots of that kinda thing. Such amazing colors and forms. And such an interesting blend of SO gorgeous and alluring could-kill-you-in-the-most-gruesome-and-excrutiatingly-painful-way-imaginable. I actually bought and read "Death in Yellowstone" and by far the hardest chapter to get through (book organized by cause of death, all natural) was the one on those deadly beauties.

    They are definitely sirens. Sirens that dont' fool around. None of this just wreck your ship thing, oh no. MUCH, much worse.

    That bison IS being cute. =) Nice capture. Not sure I've seen that particular behavior ('cept in BABY bisons in Theodore Roosevelt NP, of course).

    (p.s. pardon obnoxious editor compulsion, but your "about me" says you're still hailing from N.D. I just returned fm ND yesterday, btw., but, sadly, NOT from some super cool wildlife refuge.)

  5. @Jen - Elk sex huh. Some years ago I seem to recall my father trying to tell me about a masturbating elk. It was awkward.

    @Nutcase - I dont' want you to get too worked up!

    @Anne - You bring up a good question...sexual positions of Tyrannosaurus Rex...a new era of paleontology has begun.

    @BB - Thanks for compliments and pointing out my out-of-dateness. It shall be rectified. The world needs more geyser fields.