Friday, September 16, 2011


A Swainson's Hawk stoops on some fuzzy, unsuspecting prey.

I have discovered a new species of mammal: I give you the Flying Chipmunk. What they lack in altitude they make up for in speed.

Jesus. These things are built like tanks. Or tanks are built like bison.
Cool beans.

Common Mergansers get free access to Yellowstone's excellent fishing and facemelting geothermal features.
Otherworldly goodness.

Meet the friendliest American Dipper in the world. Being a wise bird, it knew how to stay in  the shittiest light possible. Life is pain.

Big Cone. The biggest geyser cone in the park.

A family of Grizzly Bears working on a bison. So sick. 


  1. duddde! badass stuff here. The grizz fam is a little overstimulating. awesome! and i miss dippers. Love those guys.

  2. There's not a picture there that doesn't make me want to hop on a plane right now. Well, maybe except for the chipmunk... No chipmunk is worth all that.

  3. I too was kinda shocked and blown away by seeing Bison up close in the wild in Yellowstone. They are enormous and there is no wonder they cause traffic jams by just laying down in the road. They would mess even an SUV up. Time for a SF style "sit lie" law in Yellowstone?

    Also Hell yes on the Grizzly family. Hell yes.

  4. I want to see a Flying Bison, even if it is the last thing I ever see.

  5. I'm with Hugh on the flying Sison thing Steve. If the bastards ever take wing though, our insurance rates will go sky high.

  6. @Jill - Youre a little overstimulating.

    @Nicholas - Do it! Totally worth braving the crowds.

    @JK - Ah, the sit/lie law. Interestingly, it is the rich districts in the city (the ones without bums on the sidewalks) that got that law passed, not the places who actually have to deal with the street kids. I would rather deal with the bison, personally.

    @Hugh & Anne - There are certain substances out there that can make that possible!

  7. Hot damn, that grizzly family is AWEsome. The hawk shot is pretty sweet too. And I'm not sure that chipmunk is flying. Some sort of criss angel shit going on there.