Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Thought Parole, Population Control

Least Bittern. So, so sick. Martinez, CA.

Well birders. It's almost Halloween...this month has really flown by, you hear me? The best of fall birding is most likely behind us, and birders to the north are already slipping into a state of catatonic depression...winter is nigh. Of course, its not so bad for us Californians...we get almost as many ubervagrants in winter as we do in September and October. All is not lost.

There are all pictures from last winter that never made it up on BB&B for some reason. Drink them in with your eyes. Then drink something else, because the weekend is here.

Hooded Merganser. Golden Gate Park is one of the easiest places to see "Hoodies" anywhere in the state. San Francisco, CA.

Blue-winged Teal. Hella common in the east, hella uncommon on the west coast. Redwood Shores, CA.

Red-shouldered Hawk. Ventura, CA.

Green-winged Teal pair...I like how the colors on the drake turned out. Redwood Shores, CA.

Western Scrub-Jay, with a hookier (shrikier?) bill than normal. Ventura, CA.

Red-tailed Hawk dispute. Voles are in high demand. Martinez, CA.

Black-necked Stilts. Heck of refined. Martinez, CA. 


  1. Sweet bittern and jay photos!

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  3. That teal shot is stellar. Seriously. Love the bittern too. Hooded Mergansers are ridiculous. They look like aliens.

  4. @Dawn and Jeremy - Thanks! Least Bitterns make great company.

    @Jen - Apreesh. It's hard to photograph a lot in the bay area, but we do have good duck spots. I want to be abducted by mergansers.