Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Haven't Done Enough Of This Simple Kind Of Stuff

White Terns are one of Midway's flagship species. Living without White Terns is a plodding and tiresome existence.

On a non-birder-gossip note, congrats to my colleague "Handsome Dan" on getting the green light to go out to Midway Atoll for the winter...may he get covered in much albatross vomit, otherwise known as the Worst Smell In The World. He will see many weird birds and probably drink too much. Dan is currently languishing on the Farallon Islands, off San Francisco. You can find his blog here.

Midway was, without a doubt, my favorite field job that I've ever had. If you dig through BB&B's archives, you can find a lot of Midway posts and pictures from February to June, 2009. Hopefully I'll get back some day!

Electric-faced Red-footed Booby. Dan will soon be seeing many.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree on your White Tern comment.

  2. The picture of those 2 in midlife is fantastic. The camera brought out that lovely blue on the Electric-faced Red-footed Booby. Steve you make me want to travel again.

  3. Ah yes, I prefer birds in midlife also. hehe

  4. Could be, could be Steve or it could just be a typo. And a cigar could just be a cigar and a tunnel could just be a tunnel and Frued could have just stopped snortin' cocaine, but he didn't so we'll never know. hehe