Sunday, November 13, 2011

Half Moon Bay Pelagics III: The Dirty Sea

We saw both Common and Arctic Terns...this is a Common Tern, a certified Poorly Named Bird. 

Pink-footed and Buller's Shearwaters. This was one of the few shearwater rafts we found on the water that day. Poor. I need more Buller's in my life.

South Polar Skua, aka. Slayer of Penguins. An honest-to-God beast of a bird.

Red Phalaropes. The English call them "Gray Phalaropes". Conclusions? The English are pessimists.

Northern Fulmars only eat popcorn.

Black-footed Albatross. 

This Sabine's Gull scored a good chunk of fish guts. Ferosh.

A semi-tattered Pomarine Jaeger.

California Sea Lions milling.

And there you have it people. There are many more pictures, but I can only get so repetitive. I am due to go out, once again, in the near future...I can only hope for exotic albatross and strange petrels, the likes of which I have never even heard of. The ocean is a fickle place however, and I will count myself lucky to have calm seas and a handful of year birds...only time will tell.


  1. Great set! We've only taken pelagics out of Florida, so you've given me something to look forward to when we finally have the opportunity to hit those west coast waters

  2. Thanks Nicholas! Yeah, be sure to jump on a boat when you come out times are August-October.