Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nobody Likes A Cynic

Marbled Godwits leave their high tide roost to go kill some invertebrates. Mudflat-dwellers beware. Arcata, CA.

Good day to you birder, and welcome to another fantastic, hubris-filled edition of Bourbon, Bastards and Birds. I know you must be frothing at the mouth to hear what I have to say....the proverbial Good Word, if you will.

Well...although I am, without doubt, a Leading Light in the birding community...I'm a bit too caffeinated (on shade-grown coffee, of course) to think straight. So here is a hodgepodge of pictures, with a few nonbirds for a change. Cool.

A Yellow-rumped and a Palm Warbler. Conveniently, the sign explains where this is...too bad those birds aren't always conveniently perched there.

While I was studying gulls, this man was slow-jogging backwards. What is weirder? I do not recommend this mode of transportation at any time, for any reason. Lake Merced, CA.

Common Raven. Not much to say. I dig this picture though. San Francisco, CA.

Pacific Chorus Frogberry. Arcata, CA.

Common Loon, crabcrusher. Unlike weakling sea otters, loons do not require rocks to smash their prey into oblivion.

A swarm of birders descend upon Lake Merced in search of a Louisiana Waterthrush. I particularly enjoyed the circle of loud, gossiping birders that drowned out all sound anywhere near them. That is the most efficient way to attract rare birds.

Female Northern Shoveler. She is a master of water-filtration. Fremont, CA.

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  1. Jogging backwards is awesome. I fell down at work doing that last week. Long story. Stellar frogberries and sweet warbler shot. I've actually been to Pillar Point. Birder gossip. Lame.