Wednesday, November 23, 2011


An anonymous light-mantled gull (Thayer's? Herring?) attempts to block my shot of a Rhinoceros Auklet. Photo taken yesterday off Half Moon Bay, CA...thanks to Debi Shearwater for the outing.

This week Felonious Jive was due for his monthly 10,000 Birds get over there and read Don't Go On Pelagic Trips. Ever. It is not written sarcastically. I swear.

An addendum to that post: editing and sorting photos after a pelagic trip is a brutally disheartening and  generally horrifying experience. Nothing is sharp or framed correctly, and you have to trash the vast majority of your shots. Not encouraging. You don't even know what you're shooting half the time due to the motion of the boat, the swells and the birds themselves...yet another reminder that life is pain.

Right. Now I must summon the motivation to start in on prepping some Thanksgiving dishes....have a great holiday and remember, be grateful, don't let your family get to you, and fuck colonialism!


  1. Fuck Colonialism! My friends and i typically celebrate today as "Pilgrim go home day"

  2. Great post dude, I'm here to twist the knife...

    Including my first good STSH shot!

  3. Here, here! Fuck colonialism indeed!

  4. @Abe - That is a legit Short-tailed. Nice flight shot of the Ancients too.

    The whole 1-2 punch of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I think, sums up American culture pretty well. A holiday based on gluttony and brutal colonialism, followed immediately by epic consumerism. Great.