Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shampoo Of Egret Poo

Great Egret. It was right above a footpath, with several oblivious walkers going right under the bird. My hopes and dreams of watching somebody get a shampoo of egret poo never materialized though. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

It's full on family week here at BB&B headquarters. What does that mean? Staggering amounts of stress and annoyance on everyone's part, not to mention limited internet access.

By the way, thanks to everyone who's been checking in on The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive and I, it's strange that more than a dozen people actually look at this.

Right. As always, if any ecolodge or bird tour company wants to get some exposure, feel free to kick me down a free trip. Sure, saying things like that may be a touch whoreish, but I'm not known for being able to hold onto anything like dignity when it comes to birds. So, you people in the birding business, I would love nothing more than to sample your local avefauna (and booze)...I am Funemployed, after all.

However, seeing as I will be confined to the West Coast for the rest of the winter, here are some more invigorating local birds for your enjoyment.

The hallowed Varied Thrush, aka The Robin Of The Shadows. Golden Gate Park.

Red-tailed Hawk. Ano Nuevo State Park.

Barrow's Goldeneye sandwiched by Common Goldeneyes. Mmmm....sandwich. Redwood Shores.

Canvasbacks. Radio Road, Redwood Shores.

A pensive Raccoon. In Golden Gate Park there is a spot that always seems to have a raccoon family lately, and last time I was there I found a photographer sitting right in the middle of them. I don't know what he was thinking, as he seemed to be more concerned about the Mallards and Pied-billed Grebes in front of him than these beasts milling around a few feet away. That's not how I would've done it.

The east coast has more colorful songbirds than we do, but at least we have Townsend's Warblers. Pine Lake Park, San Francisco.

American Avocets. Radio Road.


  1. Coming from someone who has come INCHES from getting a heron shampoo herself, I would say I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Haha yeah right I'd kill to see that.

    Good luck with the family. I did that nonsense over Thanksgiving so I'm off the hook for Christmas. Plus a week off from work... So sweet.

  2. Lovely images....

    Thanks for sharing.......

  3. Lovely; I love the avocet photo in particular.

  4. @Jen - Thanks. I try to cook them dinner a lot to distract them from their usual task of criticizing all the decisions I've made in my life. It usually works for a few hours...there is some good birding here at least.

    @Dulantha and Scott - Thank you, thank you very much. That avocet flock is a fixture at that spot, its hard not to take too many shots of them.

  5. stopping in. saw your blog on springman's WBW sidebar. LOVE that last shot! gorgeous patterns!