Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Perpetual Weekend Rolls On...

This Dusky-capped Flycatcher is one of the rarer birds I've seen in 2012, and apart from a few Heerman's Gulls probably the only bird I've seen this year from south of the border. Golden Gate Park, San Francsico, CA.

Having been Funemployed for the whole winter (which, granted, is getting old), a lot of birding has been happening. Birding, in fact, is the key. I have not been lacking in a night life, but the sad fact is that most people I know usually work or go to school during the day. I feel really bad for them, as it prevents them from seeing birds. Fortunately, the birds have been entertaining in the diurnal are a few images from earlier this winter that I haven't posted yet.

A Snow Goose family. Snow Goose family units are probably much less dysfunctional than American families (human), but losing members to predators and shotguns probably doesn't help. Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, CA.

American Pipits really know how to strut. Check out that tarsal length! Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, CA.

A female Mountain Bluebird in the process of disfiguring a Jerusalem Cricket. You should see what a flock of these things can do to a horse....nightmarish stuff. Armour Ranch Road, Santa Ynez, CA.

Black-necked Stilts have both style and class...unless you are near their nests, when they transform into headaches. Radio Road, Redwood Shores, CA.

I don't think I've ever posted a Bewick's Wren shot on BB&B, so I would like to rectify that. Rare, no. Jaunty, yes. Abbott's Lagoon, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA.

Glaucous Gull is another bird virgin to BB&B. I am happy to say, virgin no more! This bird has been present for several weeks at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

I probably should've posted this around Christmas, oh well. White-crowned Sparrow, Lake Merced, San Francisco, CA.

Greater White-fronted Goose, Mallards, Cackling Goose. This is a common fourgy in some parts of the state, but not so much on the coast. Stern's Wharf, Santa Barbara, CA.

Northern Shoveler, an appealing duck. Radio Road, CA.

Everyone likes Great Egrets, I would say they are one of the top 5 birds nonbirders ask me about. "I saw this big white crane next to the freeway last week, yadda yadda yadda...". Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

Corvids and raptors do not mix, and the Corvids usually win. Such was the case with this Common Raven and Red-tailed Hawk. Ano Nuevo State Park, CA.


  1. Hey I thought you had a gig up north for the winter, or is that already passed? What are the other 4 birds that you get asked about? I don't know if you follow the postings of other bloggers (maybe you have more time now to do so), but did you see this:

    1. I went up to Washington, but that was just for the sake of going up to Washington. The other 4 birds...lets see...House Sparrows, Red-tailed Hawks, Steller's/Scrub Jays, and coots.

      Yeah I do check the quark. Its a good post, and cripples are a huge bummer...

  2. That is one fancy flycatcher. Send it up here.

  3. Fun post ya got here Seagull. I posted my first Bewick's Wren photos today too...what do you think it means?
    It looks like that White-Crowned is chowing down on pyracantha (awesome name for a shrub). I always thought those were poisonous, as the birds in my yard avoided them. Also, when I was a wee lad, my parents told me they were poisonous. Maybe that's just to people. Maybe that White-Crowned is just badass.

    I think the Mountain Bluebird imitating a Shrike is my favorite photo. I do believe I would like to see what a flock of those guys would do to a horse, even if Piranhas are more notorious. The Shoveler and Stilt shots are pretty beautiful too though, the birds look so pleasantly fluffed, like you hit em' with a hair-dryer before the shot. Is that your secret?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think it must be the middle of February if we are posting Bewick's Wren pictures.

      It sounds like you know your berries than me...quite a few sparrows were chowing down ton them.

      Its true, I demand my subjects be pleasantly fluffed before any photos are taken. You should see me running around the forest with a hair dryer...