Friday, April 6, 2012

Oozing Out of Every Tree

This photograph doesn't look real to me. But its hella real. The Great Blue Heron is even a wild bird...the others, not so much. I like what the merganser is doing, for some reason. San Diego Zoo.

Commuting...what a bummer. There is no better time to observe the cancer that is urban sprawl and overpopulation. You reflect on how you can go miles at a time without seeing anything that vaguely resembles what may have been there a hundred years ago or so. It's all very depressing.

But that's my only gripe with work so far, which has kept me in a steady state of being underslept and exhausted. Hanging out on the beach all day looking at plovers is apparently grueling...whou would've thought?

On top of that, I've even been Ebirding lately, which is particularly tiresome and really embarrassing. These are not the best conditions for blogging, believe it or not, because I'm not really motivated to do anything in such conditions, beyond watching X-Files and having a cold beer. To this end, here are some more San Diego birds.

By the way Ebird, please stop forecasting "fallouts" in your migration predictions, it makes us wince...especially in March. That's not a term to be thrown around lightly. That said, thank you for existing, and good job.

A handful of Little Blue Herons call the San Diego area home, which brings me great joy and causes a dangerous flood of Serotonin when I see one. I can't exactly claim the same thing for Blue-winged Teal, but they are approved of as well. Robb Field, San Diego, CA.

It's a great relief to have so many heron species occupying the area. Being away from them for so long makes me feel empty. Look! It has a blue face! How do birders live without having a blue-faced purple-headed bird to look at?

Western Sandpipers and Dunlin in various stages of molt/sexiness. 7th Street, Imperial Beach, CA.

Well, I'm no Felonious Jive or anything (seriously), but I reckon most of these (if not all) are Short-billed Dowitchers, based on call. Except for the Cinnamon Teal, that is. J Street Mudflats, Chula Vista, CA.

The illustrious/blogwizard/birdslave Corey Finger requested I photograph an Elegant Tern. So here is an Elegant Tern, which is another California specialty. Maybe the sun will be out next time. Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge, CA.

Long-billed Curlew. An excellent bird. Not rare, just excellent. Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

Snowy Egret is a top contender for economy of style...they are basically made of three (3) colors. J St. Mudflats, Chula Vista, CA.

Contrary to most of the above pictures, it is not actually always cloudy here. In fact, San Diego has little in common with the Aleutian Islands. For example, Western Kingbirds are back in force. Santee Lakes, CA.

Lesser Goldfinch. SO COMMON. But they have color, have the humility to come to bird feeders, and are with us all year. I think this is one of the species we would have a very different perception of if they were not oozing out of every tree and bush around. Mission Trails Regional Park, CA.


  1. I personally love the Mallard exhibit at the zoo. Someone oughtta kick those flamingoes out on their tushes.

  2. Very salient point about Lesser Goldfinches (and, for that matter, House Finches). Beautiful and totally over-exposed.

    I daresay you seem to almost have more shorebirds and waders than you know what to do with. Almost. If you ever exceed capacity send some down this-a-way, preferably the Little Blue and Curlew. Thanks

    1. I know what to do with them...make them into hats! Birds and fashion mix well these days, right?

  3. Well done. I particularly like "blogwizard" though as a white man in the United States I'm told that I should do my utmost to avoid titles involving "wizard."

    1. Blogjedi? That just sounds too nerdy, even for me.

  4. I wonder what the Merganser was thinking, looking at those flamingos... The Little Blues are great little birds, I'm glad there's a few around here.

  5. Great photos once again! Makes me wish we were further along into spring here in Maine. I suppose I'll just have to be satisfied with the Eastern Phoebes in the yard for now. Maybe I should get some plastic flamingos...and I agree, commuting totally sucks but seems to be a necessary evil these days...sigh.

  6. Yes, yes, and yes.
    1. I think the merganser was letting the flamingo know that it's not the ONLY bird with magnificent plumage. And the merganser does not stoop so low as to rely upon CRUSTACEANS for their pigment. fa!
    2. Ah, the little blue. *sigh* One of the very best. BLUE. and purple. SO lovely.
    3. Yes re: snowy egret, hence my decision 1 year to dress as one for halloween. Was big hit. Yoga teacher still sends me heron pictures, 7 years later. =)
    4. Commutes can be gross. Sorry.
    5. Oh, man, I assumed once you said what you'd do your eyes would get FRIED out on the beach all day staring at sand-colored creatures. Need DEEP, DARK sunglasses and SPF 10,000. Hope you're staying hydrated and getting up and stretching now and then (don't know if you're stationary or moving whilst working).

    Lovely lovely lovely to see my old SD birdy friends. Heaven. THANKS!!