Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birding In Low Places

This Snowy Egret was foraging in Lakeside, California's Lindo Lake, a horrible manmade body of water where people go to sell guns and speed. It also teems with birds.

Read all about the low-hanging fruit of birding hotspots that The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive seems to love so dearly over at 10,000 Birds...we here at BB&B are not afraid of Birding In Low Places.


  1. A nasty man-made pond where people sell guns?? Sounds like a great new initiative by the Department of Homeland Security (referring to the Fast and Furious thing, ha, political stuff...).

    Anyhow we get by with what we can. We've all had to survey golf course ponds at one time or another. There's shame in it, but we can still hold our heads high, because at least we weren't golfing.

  2. This place shouldn't sound intriguing, but it does. The bigger question, beyond guns and amphetamines: is this what Garth is referring to when he says he's going to 'slip on down to the oasis'?