Friday, August 17, 2012

A Haggard Vireo of Happiness

Went to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (San Diego, CA) quickly before work this morning and got to see the unseasonal and homely White-eyed Vireo. I tracked it down after I saw a bird bomb out of the Eucalyptus grove and fly north into the Myoporum next to "The Wall", where it briefly made itself visible. If you are reading this, other birder who was present, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

State bird. Stoked.


  1. My Grandfather is in The Wall. Next time I go pay a visit I will have to bring my binoculars along with me. Didn't realize it was such a birding HOTTspot.

    1. FRNC is the place to be during migration...bring the bins for sure.

  2. My word...I didn't know it was possible for a white-eyed Vireo to look ugly, but this guy does pretty well. Sweet find though--nice work.

  3. Poor thing!! I hope you didn't say anything negative about it while it was within hearing distance. ~karen

  4. Wow, yeah these guys are in my list of favorites, but this fella...uh... Damn.. bummer..