Friday, September 7, 2012

+1 For The Nerd Camp

Some birders spend their entire lives living a lie...believing that birding is really cool, and that birders are not dweebs. As you know, extensive research by the Human Birdwatcher Project has proved time and again that birders are total nerds. In my rather weighty opinion, claiming otherwise is pretty much akin to denying climate change, and I hope you all know we at BB&B feel about that.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday; here he will be kept safely anonymous to keep him from persecution.

"Sometimes a nightmare is so horrifying that you have to share it to get it out of your psyche. I found and photographed an adult Spotted Redshank. The birding community was going to lynch me because, in the waning light, I was unable to dial the rare bird alert due to my tremor. This lasted about six hours! What a freakin nerd!"


  1. Oh, that's awesome. I heart unbridled enthusiasm. Makes life WAY more fun and full. And is almost the definition of a geek, or at least geeking out. =)