Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Wrong End of the Rarity Spectrum

Red-necked Phalarope. Hopefully I'll be drowning in their Red (yes, Communist) cousins on Saturday in Monterey Bay. Point Mugu, CA.

I write this after a long and mixed-bag kinda day out on Point Reyes. I did manage to get 2 year birds (Blackpoll Warbler and American Redstart), but was hoping for something more on the MEGA-CRIPPLER end of the spectrum. The fog was not conducive to that. Nine (9) warbler species was nice though, and I couldn't even find an Orange-crown.

You will be reading this the day after what will probably be my last pelagic trip of the year. Photos and stories of Epic Glory (or Tragic Woe) to come soon. See you next week!

My first (and last?!) Semipalmated Sandpiper of the year. Obviously, I haven't been as mobile in 2012 as previous years...that will all be changing soon. South end of the Salton Sea, CA. 

Here is an Osprey doing its best phalarope impression. I don't blame it, it was hot out. South end of the Salton Sea, CA.


  1. the Osprey being a poser!

  2. Ah, you're killing me! The last time I was in the Bay area I couldn't make things work fast enough to make it all the way to Point Reyes and I had to settle for Sausalito, which had no birds. Both of your year birds would have been life birds for me. Stupid client meetings. Stupid traffic.