Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quiz Bird!!!

All too often I find myself keeping absolute garbage photos because the little hoarder in my head says, "come on, this will make a great quiz photo." So I finally listened, and here you are. You want hints? Fine. Southern California. Late April. That's all you get.

Who is not afraid of being embarrassed in public? Leave a comment below with your guess. I'll post the answer in the not distant future, after I get a big Human Birdwatcher Project post up.


  1. Swainson's Hawk. That is my guess.

  2. I'll guess Northern Harrier

  3. beautiful blur .. ;-))
    a red Milan?
    regards Frank

  4. It's a buteo (soaring hawk), told by bulky body and wide wings, and likely a juvenile Redshoulder as told by the 4 light tailbands. Juv Redtail is possible esp due to the upturn in the outer wings and the lack of a white wing window (Redshoulder trait) but the tailbands seem clear enough to be conclusive. Redshoulders have 3 to 5; Tails have 7 to 11. Other species? Swainies are trimmer and wings held higher. Peregrines are heavier in the head and fast so blurier in pics. Harrier is narrow in every direction, body and wings. Red Kite (milan) is in Europe. - Great pic - thanks - Allen Fish, GGRO

  5. My first guess was peregrine but then I started second guessing myself. why would this guy save a crappy picture like this? It must be something special. Ok, I am guessing Swainson's but have a feeling he is posting some SW bird or Northern Mexican raptor like an immature gray hawk.

    1. Joseph, I saved this photo in the name of sadism. The answer is here: http://seagullsteve.blogspot.com/2013/05/and-correct-answer-is.html