Monday, July 1, 2013


Does this bird look like it has wings? Does it look like it uses them? No, of course not. This soggy Black-crowned Night-Heron was at Lake Merrit, Oakland, CA.

You are no doubt familiar with the phrase, "Birds have wings. They use them". It's used so often nowadays that you might as well just start throwing the acronym around (BHWTUT) like everyone knows what it means, right?

You may be very fond of this phrase, or it may strike a nerve. Either way, Felonious Jive has all the bases covered at 10,000 Birds. Check it!


  1. This heron looks like BHWTUT stands for "beating a heat waves truly unbearable temps"...

  2. Damn, nice one Tammy!!

    I've never heard said acronym so I look forward to reading all about it...