Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Felonious Jive's Split Alert/Pelagic Season

Ten years from now, will we have six species of "Northern Pintail" on our hands?* Photographed at Radio Road, Redwood Shores, CA.

Nerds. The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive has reared his oversized head once again at 10,000 Birds. Birders need not have fear this time; instead of lampooning birder fashion or our lack of social skills, he is dishing out a bit of wisdom on potential splits on the horizon. Nothing is a sure thing, but it's good to be kept in the loop...educate yourself/judge Felonious mercilessly right here.

In other news, Seagull Steve is kicking off his West Coast pelagic season as a leader for a Shearwater Journeys boat out of Bodega Bay this Friday, August 30. I'm replacing Peter Pyle...which will surely disappoint everyone. There is still room on the boat, so come join us! Watch Steve Howell make me look like a newb birder! It's been very birdy offshore this year...fingers crossed for Hawaiian Petrel, Great Shearwater, etc. Deets about this trip and the rest of the 2013 trips are over here.

* = No. No we won't.

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