Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Conquer The Photo Quiz, Win BirdsEye!

Quiz Bird #1.

Hey everybody, it's been a long time since the last bird quiz. For this special and intensive SEVEN PART QUIZ, BB&B is joining up with BirdsEye, a leading developer of birding apps for smartphones. 

So what do you get if you slay the quiz? Well aside from the usual glory-basking and bragging rights, the TWO people who get the most answers right (or first two to get them all correct) win free downloads of BirdsEye North America!  You can read all about the app at the above link, but very quickly BirdsEye NA (usually $19.99) gives you multiple photos of every species that occurs in the ABA Area, song and call recordings, nearby hotspots and recent rarities using eBird's a great tool. At this time, BirdsEye NA only runs on IOS (that's iPhones), so please don't crucify me if you win but are unable to use the app on your personal mobile device. I'm sure you have a nerdy iPhone-owning birder friend who would be stoked to get it though, amirite?

Since the winner will get BirdsEye North America, my only hint for these birds is that all photographs were taken in North America. EMAIL all answers to talkingtrees80 AT I will reveal the winners and correct answers in two weeks.

Quiz bird #2.

Quiz bird #3.

Quiz bird #4.

Quiz bird #5

Quiz bird #6.

Quiz bird #7.

If you are not one of our lucky quiz winners, those of you who know how to wield a camera around a bird are eligible for a free BirdsEye download if you care to submit some bird photos for use by BirdsEye. BirdsEye is looking for sharp, tight images of birds from all over the world...their photo submission site and guidelines is right here, and their list of species and available photos is over here. You get a free download of BirdsEye NA (or possibly a different BirdsEye app, if you so desire) for the first photo submitted and another free download of an app for every other 20 photos submitted. Good luck!

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