Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Perpetual Weekend Bites The Dust

Brown Jay. I have seen many of these, but not in the U.S. I would like to see more. Photographed in Chavarrillo, Veracruz, Mexico.

It's been a good run, but all good things must come to an end. I must lay this Perpetual Weekend down to rest. It's day has come and gone, and I have found gainful employment once again. Next week I will be on my way to Texas...south Texas. The Lower Rio Grande Valley in fact. There are worse places to find yourself, if you're a convicted bird junkie like myself. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the United States' surface area is probably worse.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak. I have seen many of these. Soon, I will see more. Photographed at Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota.

I've birded a bit in the LRGV and eastern Mexico before, so I'm not set to be hounded by lifers, but the birding will be fun. I'm really stoked on getting to experience spring migration in that part of the world...besides the Mexican specialties, the LRGV gets a lot of eastern species passing through, and the fantastic migrant trap that is South Padre Island is less than an hour away.

Piping Plover. I have seen many of these. Maybe I will run into one of my old piping friends from North Dakota? Photographed at Redmond Lakes, North Dakota.

My friends in California will be longed for, and Booby Brittany will be missed like never before. The stringers will run rampant in my absence. But remember these words: #7 will return.


  1. California birds are gonna miss ya.

    1. I will miss the seabirds especially. Its always strange to visit the shore of an ocean and know there are NOT thousands of cool pelagic birds making their living just over the horizon.