Sunday, October 5, 2014

Birders As Art X: Bird Police

Birding. Is there anything more difficult? Isn't birding hard? Fortunately for you and me, we have the Bird Police. They Protect. They Serve. They are out patrolling vagrant traps all over North America, ensuring folks are identifying birds properly. I recently had the opportunity to document Officer Searcy carrying out a search warrant on a hapless birder who claimed that he photographed a very rare bird.

I know what you are thinking: "Haha. Very funny Seagull. We love you for your clever bullshit."

No. Do you think this is a fucking joke? Officer Searcy had no idea who this other birder was and indeed exercised The Long Arm of The Birding Law. After the birder suspect mentioned getting photographs of an alleged rare bird, Officer Searcy confiscated the birder's camera to review his photos. The detained birder was ultimately unable to produce any evidence of his fantastic claims of a rare bird, and Justice was served. It was a beautiful moment, and I am grateful to have been lucky enough to bear witness.

Feel free to go to the Human Birdwatcher Project's page for the nine (9) other installments of Birders As Art.


  1. Bird justice is the best justice.

    We need a more effective Sheriff in Louisiana.

  2. Is a pink hat standard Bird Police uniform?

  3. Amazing. I hope to see something similar in person someday. No disclosure of the claim made?