Sunday, September 20, 2015

Just Missing The Man In The Gray Suit

There it is...a pool of red stuff, floating in the ocean. There's something floating in it. Is it paint? Chemicals? Blood? Let's lurk kind of distantly for a bit, see if anything happens.

Ok, done lurking, time to take a closer look. Um, this is not paint. These are guts...but from what? From who?

Well, it's not a person. What is it? Better pull out the gaff.

Jesus Christ. Holy shit. It's half a harbor seal! Gnarly.

Wow...this thing was ripped in half...just a few minutes ago. And the other half is missing. The poor seal's face still looks so...maybe not alive, but sleepy.

See those cuts? Those are tooth marks...specifically, from a great white shark. Nothing else would take on something this size around here, right off the coast in Half Moon Bay. So we just missed seeing the great white, but this was pretty fucking cool. Hopefully the seal went quickly...what a way to go, eh? Life is pain.