Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Night Is Dark And Full Of Ptarmigan

Last night I dreamed about White-tailed Ptarmigan. A new population had been discovered in Sierra County, California. There really is a small ptarmigan population in California, but they are introduced. What was odd about this group of birds was that they were located at a mid-elevation site, far lower than they are normally found anywhere in the Lower 48. I got a brief look at one, somehow, even though I had no intention of chasing them. There was a huge crowd of birders gathered to see them, just throngs of them...which I did not understand, because I knew how they got there. You see, all of these birders thought this was a previously unknown naturally-occurring population, and I knew otherwise. They had been put there, Tyrion Lannister. He told me so.

If you watch Game of Thrones, you can appreciate how absurd this, and if you don't, stop what you're doing and start watching Thrones. Let me make it clear that it was in fact Tyrion Lannister who informed me where they came from, not Peter Dinklage. I also dreamed a non-birding friend of mind showed me a photo of what he claimed was an adult Slaty-backed Gull. The primary pattern looked good but the primary tips were awfully gray (not black), so I thought it was probably a hybrid. This dream was not as good as the ptarmigan dream.

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  1. How high were you when this all came to the fore??

    Nice work!