Saturday, October 31, 2020

I Have Become Terrible At Blogging And Am Filled With Shame

Like the Savannah Sparrow waits for rain to rejuvenate its beloved grasslands, birders everywhere wait with bated breath for BB&B to start posting enough to finally put an end to the blog drought. Photographed at Byxbee Park in Palo Alto.

I know it, you know it, so I might as well come out and say it...BB&B has found itself in a drought of blog posts. How embarrassing. It's not like I've been in a coma for months, and I have been birding quite a bit. I actually had a real good run here in Santa Clara from about the end of August to early October. I can offer some of the the usual excuses for not posting, including but not limited to 2020/the president/racism/coronavirus/megafire sucking, not to mention my wonderful child exuberantly sucking much of the life force out of me as well. I'm sure there are lots of other things that suck that I am forgetting, but the truly unique thing about this year is that I know you get the idea. This is the year of surviving, not thriving, and nobody seems to be doing really great. As The Descendents said, "Everything sucks today!" and that seems to be true almost every day. Life is pain.

Anyhow, I shall return sooner than later I hope, and life-giving blog posts will one day rain from the sky, replenishing the parched and thirsty blogscape. The time will come once again when you will be able to stand on the shoulders of giants, as this sleeping giant will be awake before long. BB&B is, of course, a keystone member of the Birdosphere, and birding as we know it would likely collapse and cease to exist without us. The burden is heavy, but we will be back.

I am posting to my Instagram account regularly at least. It's a poor substitute for sweet sweet bloggage but as everyone in the world knows it's quick and it's easy compared to this format. Follow, follow The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive over on IG @feloniousjive.

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