The Human Birdwatcher Project

The Human Birdwatcher Project came together in 2008, when infamous birders Seagull Steve and The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive were deep into a discussion of the birder psyche. What makes someone a birder? Why do they dress like that? Why are they so old? Why are they so white? Why are they so wealthy? How do their bodies continue to function despite the crippling dorkdom they must endure every waking minute of their lives? And most did we, Seagull and Felonious, get to the point where we unarguably number among this growing throng of nerds?

At some point, they reached a breakthough in their lack of understanding of this bizarre and possibly mind-numbingly boring topic. They discovered that the only way that they could come up with valid explanations to any of these questions, they needed to display The Birder Phenomenon not only for themselves, but for the entire world. They must document everything....interview people....attempt electroshock therapy and go on some vision quests. To that end they will not only shed light on a shadowy and misunderstood subject, but in doing so they could help save the world. Or at least, some birdwatchers.

The Human Birdwatcher Project now sponsors or directly supports Birders As Art, HBP Investigative Reporting, the HBP Interviews series, and LOINS. There is light at the end of the tunnel my friends. We may be a long way off, but help is on the way.

HBP investigates:

On (Painfully) Counting and Defining Birders - The problems with how to define birders.
An Open Letter to Christopher Guest - A birding mockumentary would be a great movie.
The Handicaps of Birding - One of BB&B's most popular posts; the title is self-explanatory.
The Global Birder Ranking System - Birder rank and file explained. Sort of.
Birding By Yourself - A Lonely and Embarrassing Habit - The advantages and many disadvantages of birding solo.
Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault: Listers vs. Nonlisters - The stereotypes associated with both listing and nonlisting birders.
Sketchy Birders Part I - Shitty birders are exposed. This is the first half of the controversial piece.
Sketchy Birders Part II - The dramatic and satisfying conclusion.
Not That There's Anything Wrong With That - Why are there so few gay birders?
Not Quite White - Almost all American birders are as white as an egret.

From the HBP interview series:

Best Friends and Unstable Freaks: Photography, Birding and Field Work with Jill Wussow
Hardcore Birders Will Always Be Doomed: Song of the Cassowary Part I
Complete Financial Ruin And Social Castration: The Cassowary Sings, Part II
I'm Not A Loner Or Anything, But I Think I Like Being Alone: A Bird Blogger Tells All
Birding In Tamarisk Is Like A Rectal Exam: Coco Speaks
Slightly Less Promiscuous: Felonious Jive Interrogated
"Frankly, I Scare Them": The Grub Speaketh
No, Not At All, And Yes: Confessions Of A Female Birdwatcher

The creative side of HBP:

Birders As Art
Birders As Art II
Birders As Art III
Birders As Art IV
Birders As Art V
Birders As Art VI
Birders As Art VII
Birders As Art VIII
Birders As Art IX

Please notify either Seagull or Felonious with any ideas, input, advice, or most importantly, donations, that you may have to offer for the Human Birdwatcher Project. Now, more than ever....