Friday, December 26, 2008

On To The Proud Highway

I did it! After pulling in interest from all the three big Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Midway, Laysan and Tern), I officially accepted a position on Midway Island today. This means I will be living out there by the middle of February and will have moved out of my flat in San Francisco (Brendan Wolff has dibs already). I have won the rat race and dont look to be rejoining it anytime soon.

A little about it - Midway Atoll lies 1200 miles northwest of Oahu, and is the site of an epic WWII battle with Japan, and there are tons of WWII era buildings, guns, bunkers, etc on the island. There are about 65 people living there at any given time and about 2 million seabirds that breed there (bird nerds can check out for more information). I will be working with various birds, doing habitat restoration and working with marine debris (a lot of trash washes up on the islands). Midway and the other islands I mentioned are the closest thing the United States has to the Galapagos; the wildlife out there has little or no fear of people at all. I'll be there until the end of May, and will have phone, internet, and albatross living in my yard. Stoked. Afterwards, I will probably be looking for summer if you have the hook-up, you can help me out.

So in the next couple months I look forward to quitting my job, seeing some good shows and having a drink with YOU. And if you are in the bay area New Year's Eve, I'll be at Slim's to see The Slackers, and I recommend you do the same. It is what is best.

If you want to see some facemelting pictures of where I will be going, check out Pete Leary's blog at:

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