Friday, January 2, 2009

The Possibilities Are Endless

There are plenty of other fish in the sea, Grub.

2009 is already shaping up to be one of the most epic years in......well......years. This applies on all levels.....people are on the move. On a national scale, we will be tackling the "global financial crisis", climate change, soaring unemployment, and a potentially good president (wha?), although I doubt he will live up to the hype (if he farts, it will break hearts). Prop 8 may or may not be inforced, although most would have to agree that taking away people's rights is unconstitutional. There are wars going on in Afghanistan, Iraq and The Gaza Strip, to name a few......and who knows if the international community will do anything about the many ongoing conflicts that continue in Africa. Last but not least, Bush and Cheney will be out of the public sphere, and I hope they go on to die terrible, painful, fucked-up deaths. Good riddance.

People you and I know and love will be faced with difficult situations as well. Will The Grub find True Love? When will Lena find a job? Can Kevin raise a child? Where will Drew (Neutral) go when he graduates? Will "Jeromessey" perish in the jungles of Central America, or the barren wasteland of "The Playa"? Will Pinko actually move to Portland? Will Samantha Fay have a child as attractive as Samantha Fay? In a few short months, the status quos for many of us will have dissappeared.

Personally, 2009 has more potential than 2006, "The Year Of The Ashtray". 2007 was kind of like The Year Of The Reset Button, and I think 2008 will go down as The Year Of The Burrowing Owl, as going back to do that job kind of cemented the idea in my head that I want to ditch a sedentary, slave-like lifestyle for a more nomadic one. The possibilities will be endless on Midway Island, and I have absolutely no clue what I will be doing when I get back to the mainland at the end of May. Things are surely shaping up for The Year Of The Albatross, but who knows what will happen? Maybe things will just degenerate to The Year Of The Smegma......but I dont really anticipate that.

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