Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hands Tied With Past Lives

Eastern Island, looking glorious and glamorous. Sand Island, where Im living, is out in the distance. It does not look like this today.

It's still winter out in the middle of the and sunny days are punctuated with bleak, windy days that spit rain and do nothing for the human spirit. The albatross seem to like it though, since it is essentially the wind that is made them what they are, and they seem to do better in it. They're really noisy right now. Its hard to tell what the young fuzzy ones think though, since they are usually panting in the heat or curled up and shivering from the cold.

Turtle Beach, looking positive and prehistoric. This is where a lot of the turtles haul out to rest and get some sun.....the turtles are probably there, but it does not look like this today.

I learned today a 747 tried to land here a few nights ago because someone was having a heart attack on board. They essentially got denied because there are not the resources here to really help with something like that.......which is not something the pilot wanted to hear Im sure. But sometimes it is best to keep it real, no? Even, or especially, in life or death situations.........

Well the weather is still crapping on us today, so that kind of limits things to do. I spent the morning doing a Laysan Duck survey and spent the afternoon gratefully sleeping. I have forgotten that sleep comes at a premium when doing field work all the time. I woke up thinking, "Jesus God, what the fuck am I doing here?", but all the albatross noise started filtering through my mental fog and I remembered.

I hope you all have a raging Saturday night!

A Black Noddy, looking cold and fashionable. Very SF. This is probably what it would look like about now.


  1. Steve,
    Thanks for the updates and photos. It is a most amazing place!

    Nelson & Mona Klavitter

  2. I feel very fortunate to be here, its the least I can do. Thanks for reading! If I go on a meaningless rant (like what I just wrote tonight), its more of a result of how my mind works than getting bored out here, hehe.