Sunday, September 20, 2009

But What About The Bourbon?

I think I have been misleading you, the loyal fans and supporters of BB&B. There's been a lot of talk of birds, a couple scathing interviews with the bastards of my personal Honor Roll, but little talk of bourbon. So in an effort to diversify this blog, yet focus the scope (no pun intended), I'm going to talk a little bit about whiskey today.

Let me make a few things clear. Whiskey (and this includes scotch) is by far my favorite liquor. It's great to drink by yourself, when youre sitting around naked with a guitar pondering how awesome/brutally awful life is, or just passing a flask between you and a friend, at a crowded bar, or a raging party. It is one of your best friends on a camping trip. It cures diseases and acts as a local anesthetic. Lets be frank here.....its basically a miracle liquid.

Lets compare some other contemporary beverages.....drinking vodka by yourself is just sad, and unless you are willing to throw down some serious flow, its pretty gross if you drink it straight (I do love Belvedere though). Tequila? Special occasions, parties, Mexico, or if you do not mind becoming rapidly and extremely intoxicated. There is a reason that this is the most dreaded liquid among young Americans today (Felonious Jive, 2009)....although I am not one of them. Rum? Rum is primarily for amateurs, although it is appropriate in tropical environs.

That leaves us with stuff like gin, brandy, etc., which I dont think are in the same league with the other stuff. No explanation necessary.

So thats just a quick background. My first whiskey of choice was none other than Wild Turkey....not because of the bird connection, but more likely due to its availability, cheap price tag and implicit endorsement by Hunter S. Thompson (Thompson was also a fan of Chivas Regal, which is not bad at all). I partake in Irish and American whiskeys more often than Canadian or Scotch, but all can be quite good.

Now, as Jordan Sparks finishes the National Anthem, I'm going to sit back with my Jim Beam Rye and watch the Giants take on the Cowboys in their Death Staresque new stadium. More bird pictures coming soon.

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