Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Just Like Going To A Funeral

A few Philadelphia Vireos graced me with their presence while I was at Presque Isle. This one was in a big flock of warblers, but always kept close to its Ruby-crowned Kinglet buddy. While following the flock around, I knew that whenever I saw the kinglet the vireo would invariably appear a few moments later.

Black-capped Chickadees are one of the friendliest eastern birds. Maybe thats why you can always find a lot of other migrants with them.

Yeah....this was my only well-photographed bird the whole weekend.

There were a lot of Common Map Turtles, which I'd never seen before.

Here's a closer look.

"Traill's" Flycatcher. Either a Alder or a Willow....impossible to know without hearing a call note. Note the mild eye ring, which western Willow Flycatchers lack. Its species like this that make people scared to even look at certain birds....and yes, it is because they are ferocious man-eating predators, not because it is easier to summit Mount Everest than it is to accurately identify them.

If you ever get the chance, drop by Presque Isle for some great birding. Don't do it during a marathon though.


  1. Steve, what's up? I'm volunteering at the Eagle River Nature Center. It's just like Midway except the albatross are bears and there's not a Thai guy to be found anywhere. I'll be grooming the winter ski trails, chopping firewood, and other such manly endeavors. I'm more or less hiding out ready to pounce on some unsuspecting summer seasonal job as soon as it shows itself. In the mean time I'll be here. How's work in PA going? What's next? I read in your profile and was appalled to find that you referred to "this Sibley guy" as a mere mortal man... and you dare call yourself a birder.


  2. "For warblers in fall go where chickadees call"
    Smart-ass wisdom but true, chickadees are a birder's best friend. Good owl guides too, which incidentally never worked out for me - I always followed the warning calls of chickadees to find they were warning owls of my presence.
    Silly, really, if you think of it.

    You were lucky getting "a few" Phillies and that turtle log is amazing, like a huge shashlik at a Chinese snack stand.