Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Just Want To Sniff Some Glue

All the crabs are going to have move if that thing is going to fit down there. Hey-oh!

Wow. I made it. I'm sitting in Titusville, Florida, drinking a beer with my shirt off, contemplating the fact that I'm only a few miles away from a number of species I haven't seen before. I'm trying to contemplate my next move, because there is an infinite number of places I could lurk off to. Tomorrow I'm going to shoot for Limpkin, Purple Gallinule, Sedge Wren, Florida Scrub-Jay and more.....I'm breaking a sweat just thinking about it. Those are some punishing species, you know what I'm saying? Of course you do. Hopefully it will wipe out the sting I still feel from missing Purple Sandpipers at two very good spots for them.....I guess I'm just a week too early.

This Semipalmated Plover and Least Sandpiper were trying to make the best out of a parking lot during a very high tide at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, in North Carolina.

Boat-tailed Grackle, caught in between rattles, gronks and clicks. Tybee Island, Georgia.

I was walking down a beach and saw a wing poking out of the sand. After working my dead bat job, I'm really good at looking down. Anyways, I pulled this Tree Swallow out. It looks like it was caught offshore during one of last weeks storms and didn't make it. Tybee Island, Georgia.

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