Sunday, October 25, 2009

The People Are Brighter In California

Some White Ibis on their way to a night roost (now, more than ever) on Merrit Island.

Nerds! It's been too long! I just came out from three days of Everglades madness (Evermadness? Madglades?), and am in poor shape, on all fronts.

As far as the title of this post is concerned.....the manager here at this motel in Naples told me about California today. She had the look of someone trying too hard to look young, but was from Europe and sounded distinctly like Borat. "Why do you come to Florida?", she asked. "These people...[sighs disgustedly] cannot even talk to the people here. The people are brighter in California. I do not like that governor, but the people.....they seem ok".

Which, among my friends, holds true. They may not be good people in the traditional sense, but I think they posses some intrinsic value. As far as Floridians are concerned, I'm not quite sure yet. Half the people I met in the Madglades were from other continents.

And there was supposed to be more, but crucial phone calls and a Waffle House got in the way. Til next time, kids.....

Now, more than ever, Palm Warblers are psychedelic.

Brown Pelican formations have always impressed me. Now, more than ever.

A young (now, more than ever) Tricolored Heron.

A Royal Tern, aka Death From Above, at Fort Clinch State Park (now more than ever).

More White Ibis hold it down (now, more than ever) at Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge.

p.s. "Now, more than ever" is the absolute worst catchphrase used in media these days.....I just wanted to demonstrate that fact here.


  1. someone (in Redding) once told me that he wanted to move to florida because there were no emmisions laws. that way he could pull the muffler off of his camaro. that's why people go there. also, Miami Vice.

  2. Apparently, Florida is actually Heaven, because there are so many old people in Florida (no offense to you, older friends) that Heaven is the only explanation for how they all got here. That, or Hell. I'll let ya'll decide.