Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wasting My Time With Apologies

Check this out. It's a Fish and Wildlife Service sanctioned Expression Session. It has the vibe of a result of a lawsuit, but pretty funny any way you look at it. This was at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.

Well, I finally made it out of Florida. BB&B is marking its stinky and pungent territory here in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. I got to resocialize myself somewhat in Tallahassee, and am now moving quickly west across the country. I plan on spending some time in Texas though, as I always seem to be drawn to that place, for reasons I cannot always explain. Some have suggested that there is something strange going on in that place, with all the oil in the ground. It's like some sort of terrestrial Bermuda Triangle. But there are good people there, and that's the draw this time. I might break down and end up birding though, you never know.

A Little Blue Heron at Loxahatchee.

Being on the road a lot the past couple weeks, I've had a lot of time do some quality ruminating. Not in the physical, vomitty sense, but the mental kind. But I generally find that I'm not very good at it. Sometimes I think I have ADD. I get distracted easily, and my mind is usually wandering widely. It's like an albatross. Which is funny to me. Despite how smart or stupid you think goonies might be, you know that they are probably thinking about some strange stuff as they are cruising around in the ocean. They've got a lot of time for that. A lot of the ocean is like a desert, you know.....there's a lot of life out there, but its often concentrated in little pockets. There's a lot of down time if youre an albatross, especially considering how easy it is them to fly incredible distances. I think they have some sort of built-in autopilot.....its known that some birds can have some kind of sleep while on the wing, and I doubt albatross are an exception.....

Why I'm going into some screed about albatross daydreams, I have no idea. Midway must be calling me again. Have a great Halloween everybody.

One of the Florida Scrub-Jays that put in an appearance at Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge. These are endemic to Florida.

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