Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birders As Art

ASOC and Sugar at the North Jetty of Humboldt Bay, CA. February 8, 2009.

You've all heard of Arthur Morris, one of the best bird photographers in the country.  His shots make anything you see on here look like the deformed progeny of something his throwaway photos did on accident.  But that's ok....I work with what I've got.  Anyhow, he copyrights all of his shots under Birds As Art, and it got me thinking......what about the birders?  I mean, we're a pretty interesting looking group, and I've looked in the mirror a couple times.  I've met some bizarre looking birdwatchers in my day, and even a few attractive ones.  After taking the above photo, it dawned on me, why not document some of the birders I meet in my travels?  So let this be the birth of Birders As Art.  BB&B is proud to be hosting this new, cutting-edge art project, and hopes Birders As Art will call this website home for many years to come.

This is ASOC, an image specialist (see his work here), with Sugar.  Note the gigantic, bulky jacket that indicates that he is either: in a gang, wants to be in  gang, really fat, or perhaps extremely cold.  I like how Sugar contrasts with just about everything else in the photo, which I would like to point out is NOT posed at all.

Switching gears entirely here, I am going to state an obvious fact: the news is fucking depressing.  You don't have to be particularly savvy to know what we are dealing with; two wars that have been going on for most of the decade, climate change inaction, climate change denial, health care "reform" (or nothing at all), corporate personhood, a bogus wall of  fear and racism being built on the Mexican border (which could prove to be the downfall of a whole host of wildlife), The Tea Party, Sara Palin, Fox News and last but not least a poor economy.

Then there's the fact that the news itself is a circus of bullshit that makes a mockery of the word "journalism".  I know this is a familiar problem to both you and me, but I am still astounded at people's profound ignorance about the shit that pundits, politicians and corporations do every day, as a matter of policy.  It's all I can do to avoid spiraling into a state of catatonic depression.....but a sad state of affairs is nothing new, and neither is the self-defeating assumption that we can't do anything about it.  That is what these assholes want us to think, of course.

Ok.  A couple birds from Humboldt County on the next post.  Do what you think is best.


  1. I don't think you were switching gears at all: a pink dog sweater, two wars, Sarah Palin, climate change, and the Mexican border wall are all quite the same,l or at least comparable in their catastrophic effects.

    No wait, Sarah Palin shouldn't be on that list, she's worse.

  2. Thanks Jochen....she is a death star, to be certain.

  3. it all makes complete sense. and um, yes. birders are an interesting looking lot. usually, often? I feel pretty ridiculous out there at times (i mean often). Birding and fashion don't seem to meet in the middle too much, eh?

  4. It's rare, to be certain. I recommend avoiding as much of the normal field gear as possible in most birding situations.....that is, if you care (obviously, most of us don't seem to at all.....we are not closeted nerds).

  5. I like birding clothes- It seems to keep the cops from asking you what the hell you're doing. Don't even pretend this never happens.. :)

  6. ...and just out of curiosity, are birding clothes any worse than hiker clothes? At least you wont be mistaken for a high schooler! great blog sirs!