Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Waltzed My Matilda All Over

My associate ASOC has recently brought the "phlogging" phenomena into the light for me.  The concept is simple: use photographs posted on a blog to show everyone what you are doing, at any given time.  It's like a twitter or facebook status update, except with photos instead of vague, uninteresting descriptions of what you are doing or how you feel.  This is good in that people who don't do anything worth talking about certainly won't take pictures of them testing various furniture throughout the house, and pictures can often say things that words simply can't capture (although the opposite is also true).  Seems like a great idea to me, but fortunately my phone doesnt have internet access everywhere so I don't think I could truly pull it off.  And since this blog isn't dedicated to sending my mere celebrity status skyrocketing into superstardom, I won't be so vain as to post pictures of the various mongos I encounter in my nightlife.

Here's another bird batch from the Salton Sea.  These are American White Pelicans, which are big enough to swallow a small child whole.

A Brown Pelican about to take the plunge.

Least (but not last) Sandpiper


Snow Geese.

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