Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Listless Or Not, My Lists Are Never-ending

Wow.  So here we are.  I reside in Florida Canyon now, a strange and wonderful place.  I am officially living in southeast Arizona for the spring, and it's been a pretty positive experience so far.  My internet connection here in the Santa Ritas is not exactly conducive, so I will keep this post brief.....

Meet my new neighbor, a Rufous-capped Warbler...one of the only (if not The Only) of it's kind known to be in the country at the moment.

Most of the crew spent a substantial amount of time hanging out with this bird today, which I am pleased to say we were being highly paid for.

As you can see, an absolutely crippling bird.  I thought I would need a life flight out of the canyon...but that is the risk of birding in this part of the world....


  1. Huh?

    You never said you needed a life flight after you found a Tufted Flycatcher.
    You mean to say this bird is cooler than a Tufted Flycatcher?
    You mean to say that I wasted the last couple' days searching for a Tufted Flycatcher in Germany when really I should have been looking for a German Rufous-capped Warbler?

    You ... mean!


  2. these pictures are great! i will be in the area in a couple of weeks - with a non-birder, but nonetheless i convinced him we should go camping and hiking in se az. i would love to see this bird - is florida canyon good hiking? does it take long to get up to this area from parking? any tips on finding him? i love your blog! my email is aj@austin.utexas.edu - would love any ideas you might have. - AJ Johnson, Austin TX

  3. AJ - I hope those directions help! Jochen - I think the RCWA was more savored because I missed the very same bird in the same place last summer....so that naturally made me more fascinated in the beast. Im also amazed that it has stayed the entire time.

  4. I suppose the RCWA is a fan of B,B&B and has been waiting patiently for its chance to an autograph...