Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's A Carnival Of Carnivores, Heaven Help Me

The humble Hermit Thrush is arguably one of the most gifted singers north of Mexico (I prefer Wood Thrushes).  Birds in Arizona are typically much paler and grayer than California's Hermits.

It's been fun Arizona, but I'll be damned if it's not good to be back in California.  Arizona Green Partiers, Democrats, Independents and other champions of The Human Spirit, best of luck to you....keep those backwards Republicans and that god-foresaken Tea Party in check, and stop that fucking mining company from putting a crater right in front of Madera Canyon. 

Mourning Doves are notorious for their lack of effort when it comes to nest building.  This one's not too bad though.
Arizona is the new laughingstock of the Western World, seemingly an ugly afterthought of the Bush Administration.  But SB 1070 isn't Dubya's's simply old white people indulging in their sense of entitlement and white privilege, and putting yet another law in place that will help keep poor, non-white people from voting (they don't tend to vote Republican, for obvious reasons).

The most recent additions to jars of grape jelly across the state are Western Tanagers.  We ended up having Summers, Hepatics and Westerns at our cabin, I should have smeared the whole roof in the stuff....

Well I'm all tuckered out over here in Ventura, so more on the state of affairs in Arizona later.  Adios! 

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