Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Very Special Edition

A Swainson's Hawk is pursued by a Red-winged Blackbird. Not my idea of a good time.

North Dakota continues on. Through floods, tornadoes, hailstorms, the birds and I persist to bring you another very special edition of Bourbon, Bastards and Birds.

Well....maybe this one isn't particularly special, but I was trying to channel Huell Howser, one of the cheesiest people to walk the earth and Tennessee's best and worst ambassadors at the same time. If you're looking for something to do (probably why you're here), then try digging up a video of California's Gold on the interwebs. Normally I would do the work for you and post a link...but I'm drinking whiskey. It's delicious.

That said, it's getting late and I gotta go see a man about a windshield in the morning (that's not a euphemism, that's what I have to do) so its off to the trailer for me. Have a positive day!

Someone left their intestines on a post. Ouch. Hopefully it wasn't a plover!

And now I give you...the bird that pays the bills! Piping Plover.

Cedar Waxwings are sexy beasts.

North Dakota.

American Avocet. One of the many shorebirds that wish me death whenever I get too close to a nest. Sorry avocet.

Baird's Sparrows once held dominion over the prairie. It was said to be a ruthless and brutal regime. The hills would ring with their melodious song for thousands of miles around. Now their allies the bison are gone, wildfires vital to the health of the prairie are suppressed, and most native grassland has been plowed under for crops. That's what I call "environmental stewardship". 


  1. Intestines! I stared at that photo for way too long. Why are plovers the most innocent-looking birds? I want to get them drunk and give them matches to play with.

  2. wow, thanks for the hits!

    1. Swainsons?!? SWOON. GOD I love those birds. I "had" to monitor 2 of their nests for a time a few summers ago, and despite battling heat stroke (under a canopy, but, you know) and falling asleep on the job (sitting, staring for 9 hours in the heat, WATCHING a nestling slowly fall asleep... YIKES) I was SO wowed by HOW GORGEOUS those freakin' creatures are. Total knockout.

    2. What you said about cedar waxwings: perfect. They ARE. Rowr!

    3. LOVELY shot of ND. I love how OPEN and EMPTY it is out there. You can see forever. So NOT claustrophobic.

    4. Your fiscal sponsor is a charmer! =)

  3. p.s. by hits I mean endorphin hits from those GREAT shots of heavenly things. ah....

  4. @Babbler. You are too good to me. I too am a big Swainson's proponent.

    @Jen Hehehe it's the big eyes and surprised expression. They look like a little kid eating cake for the first time.

  5. After I got past the intestines (GAG), I was rewarded with my FAVE -- the Batman Bird. Um, I mean, Cedar Waxwing. Haven't seen many this summer, despite having shrubs loaded with berries in our yard. C'mon...where are you guys!

  6. I'm sure they'll come by soon for the buffet...they cannot resist!