Saturday, July 9, 2011

Veracruz. Birds Are There.

Hawks. They're everywhere! Sometimes. These are a couple migrant Broad-wings and an immature Short-tailed. Although we did not count Short-taileds in our migration study (too many resident birds around would soil the data) they were surely moving though, at least in small numbers.

I thought everyone would like a break and go back to Mexico with me for a minute. I didn't exactly blow up the blogosphere while I was down there so there's still some pictures worth sharing.

I highly encourage people to go south and bird. It's facemelting, to put it bluntly. To be honest, I'm not really big on jet-set birding that is conducive to burning ridiculous amounts of fuel, but in some places in the world the only way forests/marshes/grasslands/estuaties etc. are going to be saved is if conservationists find out they exist at all. Large (massive, really) swaths of Mexico have been turned into practically worthless (for wildlife) pastures, corn fields and sugarcane fields...we know that ecotourism is one of the most powerful conservation tools in Latin American countries, so by all means, get down there and enjoy the insane birdlife. Now its not like there are no conservationists in Mexico or anything, but the prevailing opinions about wildlife and the environment down there are quite different than further north. Much of the country is quite rural, and if you want to make a living you gotta cut down shit, burn shit, and farm that shit, you know what I'm saying? Which doesn't do a whole lot of people good in the long run. Anyways. You are a rich gringo birder. Go forth and bird. And spend. Go check out ProNatura's site to learn more about bird conservation in Mexico...they are the group behind Veracruz's legendary River of Raptors hawkwatch for all these years.

That said, I do not recommend ignoring the fact there is a drug war going on, so some states (i.e. Veracruz) are substantially safer than others (i.e. Tamaulipas). I know its cool to be young and not give a fuck and go wherever you want, but take it from me, that doesn't always work out very well.

But everything is fine! Start planning your winter trip now! All that tequila isn't going to drink itself, and that remnant Imperial Woodpecker population isn't going to rediscover itself either.

Some sort of exotic whiptail. Anyone know what kind?

Nothing gets the blood pressure up like an Aplomado Falcon. 

Pilar y El Bujo. Pilar se encanta El Bujo, el amor verdadero de su vida. Tambien, mi espanol esta mierda.

Yellow-winged Tanagers are one of the commonest forest birds in parts of eastern Mexico. They are also very good looking. I reckon one will make it to Texas sooner or later.

Sandwich Tern. As a Californian I don't get to see them very often (I did see one in Orange County, years ago), so they always make for good company.

Mississippi Kites rank as one of my favorite birds, period. If I was a falconer I would have my own flock of kites. No dragonfly would be safe.

Look at this cat. It' eating another cat's vomit. Cool.

Tomorrow I'm going to head up to the Turtle Mountains for some camping and different birds...Mourning Warblers on territory would be nice. I've exhausted all my realistic chances for life birds here this time of year, but you never know when that nemesis Eastern Screech-Owl will finally want to meet me.

Anyways, see you next week for BB&B's birthday party! There will be cocaine and strippers!*

*There won't actually be cocaine and strippers, but that's like catnip for most birdwatchers.

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  1. It's true, all that tequila surely won't drink itself. Now I just need a passport.