Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For 364 Days I'm In Hell: Happy Birthday To BB&B!!!

I was channeling how this Red-legged Kittiwake felt about me. Buldir Island, AK, 2009.

Well, well, well. So here we are. Bourbon, Bastards and Birds turns 3 years old today. Who thought that the Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive and I would still be migrating through the internets to a computer near you after all these years? Surely, not I.

Since this is a blogiverssary, lets take a look back at some of Seagull and Felonious' game-changing accomplishments over the years.


Well, that was pretty easy. But hopefully we educated or entertained a few thanks for visiting BB&B, the infamous slum of the Birdosphere. The next post will be a Human Birdwatcher Project interview with the notorious sure to catch it. After he speaks, birding may never be the same.

Here are a few photos I took since this blog has been started....I even included a "pre-SLR" shot! Yes, those were the dark ages indeed...these aren't meant to be truly representative of what I've done, more like an avian sample platter. Delish.

Massive storm-petrel raft, around 14,000 total. Mostly Ashy and Black Storm-Petrels. Monterey Bay, CA, 2008. Before I had an SLR (how embarrassing).

Red-tailed Tropicbird. Midway Atoll, 2009.

Great Frigatebirds. Midway Atoll, 2009.

Plant vs. wind energy. Near Casselman, PA, 2009.

Wood Stork. Sanibel Island, FL, 2009.

Anhinga. Wakulla Springs State Park, FL, 2009.

"Pink-sided" Dark-eyed Junco. Florida Canyon, AZ, 2010.

Broad-tailed Hummingbird. Miller Canyon, AZ, 2010.

Crested Auklet. Buldir Island, AK, 2010.

Lapland Longspur. Buldir Island, AK, 2010.

Heerman's and Western Gulls. San Francisco Bay, CA, 2010? Sure.

Least Bittern. Martinez, CA, 2011.

Gray Flycatcher. Mono Lake, CA, 2011.

Blue-gray Tanager. Chavarillo, Mexico, 2011.

Broad-winged and Swainson's Hawks. Chavarrillo, Mexico, 2011.

Eastern Kingbird. Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, ND, 2011.

Black Tern. Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, ND, 2011.


  1. 3 Years! Ay-yi-yi!

    Happy blog-o-versary!

  2. phew re: crazy spectrum of birds and places. NICE.

    Happy 3rd. Apparently the traditional gift for a 3rd wedding anniversary is leather (represents strength and flexibility). So, if you are wedded to your blog, you can take yourself shopping for something appropriate. Glad you & yours are here to entertain and subtly educate us.

  3. Happy birthday, bb&b! Nice job, making us all ridiculously amazed and jello. Pre-SLR photos are so depressing, at least mine are. Anyway, congrats on 3 years. Champagne for everyone.

  4. happy freaking blog birthday, yeeehaw ! Seriously, sweet shots and I dig your blog but you make me jealous cause i wish i were as clever as you. That Frigatebird and the gull shots - badass, yo!