Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Atomic Garden

There is exactly one (1) thing that is interesting about where I live that does not involve birds. This is the fact that I live only a couple miles from a number of live nuclear missile silos.

I shit you not.

There are dozens of them out here. Their contents probably contain enough firepower to wipe out...billions of people? They look innocuous enough...a small fenced-in area with a bunch of gravel, a satellite dish and various doohickeys mounted to other doohickeys, often right next to major roads. But if you come close to the fence, there will be a sign casually informing you that the use of deadly forced is authorized so you better get the hell away from there.

Anyways. I mentioned all this before, but it's still weird, so here we are again. Hopefully I am not abducted by any strange government men as a result of this picture...if you don't hear from me again soon, call Mulder and Scully ASAP.

Speaking of Mulder and Scully, here is a UFO abducting a flock of American White Pelicans. Scary stuff!


  1. =) Wow. That's nuts. It does look innocuous...

    Reminds me of a section of Navy land in San Diego (that, not coincidentally, contained missile silos of some sort) that was the most "sensitive" of the different Navy properties on the peninsula. If a researcher talked with me about sampling on Navy property, in addition to NPS land, I'd say, yeah, sure, except THERE. They didn't cotton to visitors.

    Every day I'd walk to work and pass the sign on the fence surrounding that area, not far from my office:

    "WARNING Area patrolled by military working dogs."

    Meaning, of course, jump this fence, and you are the next meal for some freakin' hungry, angry dogs who probably know judo.

    wheeee! =)

    The most FUN sign was on another part of the "point" warning folks that there were unmanned vehicles roaming the area. Can't remember the wording, but it's funny to be warned, when going from herp trap to herp trap, about robots that may appear and try to kill you. Or, maybe just not see and therefore run over you.


    I seriously loved working on/near military land. SO entertaining!!

  2. A silo guard almost ran me off the road yesterday...I take it they read BB&B!