Sunday, July 31, 2011

Working Man's Blues

Savannah Sparrow. UBIQUITOUS.

As much as I complain about North Dakota, I am pretty stoked on my job. It's not boring and it's not Goldilocks zone. The birds do not get old...with all the migrant shorebirds and bizarre and fearless juveniles popping up, there is always something cool to look at. The volume of Baird's Sparrows songs in some places is deafening, even at the end of July. Here's a few random, non plover-related shots from out in the field.

Baird's Sparrow, one of the local bird celebs. Look at that buffy brow. I have found the magic spot where one can go mingle with the Baird's with to follow.

Wood Lilly, one of the coolest wildlflowers to grace the prairie.

Coyote pups! Cute...shame they munch plovers. WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?????

Common Nighthawks hang out around a few of the lakes we monitor, and probably account for the most interesting nightlife in the area. Yes, I punned.

Life can get real shitty sometimes.

A concerned Red-tailed Hawk parent gives me a solid hate-look. I drove by this spot today and the chick has fledged! Now if only I can get a picture of one of these damn Krider's Hawks that are floating around the area...

Richardson's Ground Squirrel. This one seems to have talons, for some reason.


  1. Ok that coyote pup is just riciculous. That face could probably convince me to catch plovers with my bare hands and feed them to it.

    Awesome nighthawk shot. I just saw my first ones while camping this weekend. Pretty sweet.

  2. Once I put up plover chick pictures you will want a coyote massacre.

    Nighthawks are great! They make no sense.