Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Chance For A Slow Dance

I forgot! How could I? The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive has his first post up at 10,000 Birds right here! In it he explains how he came to be....his rise to dominance is truly inspirational...that should put the kibosh on any rumors of his (admittedly sordid) past. He is already hard at work on his next post, which will rattle the Birdosphere to its very core...

To hold you over before BB&B is awash with more shorebirds, here is my best attempt at a National Geographicesque shot of "dancing" Western Grebes....the one and only time I've seen them do it this year. Lazy grebes! Photographed at Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, ND.

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  1. And earlier I today I was looking at photographs of the SF ballet corps rehearsing in Vail, CO. Guess it's a good day to dance.

    I suppose any day you are able, is a good day to dance. =)