Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Face Is All Melty...More from Grand Teton National Park

On my second morning in Grand Teton I arrived at Signal Mountain before dawn, hoping to find a non-run-over grouse on the road. Because I am the #7 ranked birder in the nation, my plan worked brilliantly. Out of the 3 grouse I located, I had the most serious hang-time with this Dusky Grouse. At one point it was within 3 feet from me...I'm glad it didn't come any closer, or I would have had a heart attack. These fearsome predators have been known to chase packs of wolves and grizzly bears off kills, and a charging grouse would stop the angriest bison in its tracks. Known for ruthlessly disemboweling their prey (while said prey is still alive), I was lucky to escape intact.

Beware of grouse in the grass.

Especially if you happen to be grass. Obviously grouse don't eat animals, but it would be cool if they did.

Sunrise at Signal Mountain, looking south towards Jackson. Lots of smoke in the air from wildfires.

Juvenile Black-billed Magpie.

Pronghorn doe and calf. Scenic.

Grand Tetons. Looming.

Mountain Chickadee. Hello Mountain Chickadee.

Pictures don't do the Tetons justice, but I think this one manages to get the point across. Look at this place! Fuck! You need to go there.


  1. I may be heading to the Tetons this week...but for work. I haven't been there since I was a teenager, so I'll need to make time to see and enjoy the majestic mountains and of course the birds.

  2. =) I actually sort of perversely like it when I CANNOT get an entire amazing view into my camera. 'Cause it's TOO BIG to capture in a photo. To intensely AMAZING. Nice.

  3. Sweet grouse encounter... Three head shots and no body shots have me left wondering if it was fat. I think my friend has been talking about his online dating adventures too much. Effing adorable magpie.

  4. Feckin' bloody hell Steve, I've been telling my friends about your blog and telling them your ranked #6. Tell me who number 6 is and I'll sic a grouse on him.

  5. OMG, that'a a fantastic photo of the mountains reflected in the lake. I wish we could have made it down there when we visited Yellowstone last year. We're definitely going back to do the Tetons and southern Yellowstone area!

  6. @Robert - Enjoy! Let us know how it goes.

    @BB - It's a great problem to have. Thanks!

    @Jen - Ive been hearing a lot of online dating adventures myself lately...its a wonderful and horrible world. And I may or may not be on Okcupid.

    @Anne - Thanks for building the hype! I have to protect the secrets of the Top Ten, however.

    @Johnny - obvi

    @Natureis - Thanks! That shot is from one of the coolest trails Ive been on in years. Its a pretty epic place.