Friday, October 7, 2011

Where You Want To Be

Dudes. Dudettes. I am in Arcata, California, the place that gave birth to the Seagull Steve you know and love today. There are birds here. Here are some Marbled Godwits from Arcata Marsh. Bird onward.


  1. Dang, Dude man, we just crossed paths again like ships in the night. Got back from the "Big A" yesterday where I was cruising for magical red tree mice in the mist. Or maybe it was in the smoke.

  2. I've wondered how you can stand living in a city Steve. I'm a rural girl from Cork Ireland and here in the States I live in the rurals. I lived in a city once for 6 years and it about killed me. If I can't open my back door and see critter's I'd wither and die. Is it hard for you to be surrounded by people and buildings every day?

  3. @Codger - How was your Arcata trip? Were you camera trapping for said mice?

    @Anne - Yes and no. I really like a lot of aspects of the city (San Francisco in particular), but I do need to escape from time to time. And since I live in rural or remote areas the rest of the year, it doesn't get old for me.