Wednesday, November 2, 2011

American Tree Sparrow of Happiness

"TPAD" Dan and I had a raging day of birding on Point Reyes...we got over 130 species and a glut of good birds. The glory was overwhelming. American Tree Sparrow was the rarest of the bunch, and is a find worth celebrating with whiskey tonight. While you may not enjoy these terrible photos (I had to manually focus, give me a break), know that my heart may explode at any minute. With joy.

Look at that giant head! Tree Sparrows are very, very rare in most of California.


  1. Ooh awesome find... Manual focus makes me crazy. So what were the other 129 species?

  2. @Jeremy and Eileen - Thanks! Rare birds lose their mystique if you get GOOD pictures of them, so I'm just doing my part...

    @Jen - Not gonna lie...shit was off the chain. Prairie Warbler, Tufted Duck...all kinds of sickness.